Co-founded in 2015 by James Ferne & Luke Wallace, the Mens Collective is a growing community of individuals committed to supporting men going through change.

Its purpose is to connect men with each other and themselves, so that in turn they can be better fathers, brothers, friends or partners.

Our aim is to provide a community which empowers, educates, supports and guides men to be the best version of themselves.

Our vision is to live amongst men that are inspired to be the best version of themselves.


We provide events, workshops, retreats and online programs designed to give men an environment which enables them to reflect on the type of man they wish to be. Our programs are also available for individuals, social groups, sports clubs and schools. To find out more on the one of our programs or services, please email us at hello@themenscollective.com.au or visit our events page.


We work with men (those identifying as male) of all ages (18+). Most commonly the men that attend are aged between 25 – 45, however we encourage all men young at heart (regardless of age) to attend, as variety brings about greater conversation & connection. Whether you’re going through a difficult change in your life, looking for a healthy social environment, stepping out of or into a relationship, experiencing a career change or just curious about understanding yourself better – this group is for you!


After each working with men for a number of years in seperate professional fields, the need for a space where guys could genuinely connect was ever more apparent. Also as men personally experiencing change in our lives, we recognised the difficulties this placed on our personal/professional lives & loved ones. So we decided to create something that would support ourselves & others in wanting to evolve, change & live a little healthier and happier.


Depression, anxiety and pain are all indicators that something might be wrong in your life. Hearing others speak about themselves, provides us with the opportunity to learn from each other & connect through common experiences. Recognising that I am not alone in what i’m feeling means, helps break down the personal isolation I feel in my struggle.

This is a space where you can be yourself, learn practical skills and conversation that will positively influence your mental and physical health. It’s an environment where you can explore and understand what it is you’re going through. It is a place to be heard and not fixed, because you’re not broken.


We would particularly like to acknowledge our teachers, coaches and mentors for helping shaping us as the men we are today and consequently the work we do. It’s only through your loving guidance & support that we get to share this work with others and pass these gifts on.

Conrad Tracey & Daryl Antony for believing in the work & providing us with locations to work from!

The Private Sea Wellness Centre for supporting our business and helping get the Mornington events established.

David Ward and Janne Martenengo for your course work.
Emeli Paulo, Jodi Deutrom & Tom Harkin for your shared mentorship.

The Group Work Institute for context & Magnum Opus Partners (Pat Langton) for video content.


James is a tech whiz and sensory guru, he has been involved in coaching and facilitation for 6+ years. He shaped his skills volunteering as a mentor and speaker in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, working with people in the grips of addiction to connect back to themselves and their lives. Its was in doing this work that he discovered the true benefits of men working with men to help each other.



Luke is a facilitator, coach, and practicing Osteopath and Kinesiologist. It was his work as a carer for individuals with terminal brain cancer, that most profoundly shaped his perspective on life and the desire to create a better understanding of how the mind and body co-relate. He predominantly works one on one with Men looking to reshape and improve their personal and professional lives.